Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sleep Ap Mask Is BACK!! Goodbye Tube!!

Look at me!! No more oxygen tube!! This was a huge day for me because I got my sleep ap mask back which mean I am back to breathing on my own!!! BUT because of this drastic change the Dr's said I could not be held today :( This is because I am getting back to being used to breathing on my own, maybe tomorrow or the next day, who knows but I will wait! (What other choice do I got??) Anyways also because of this big change and my huge improvements lately I can have visitors again!! So if you want to come and see this princess live and in person please check in with my mama, the scheduled maker :) Now the only thing left to get rid of is the PICC line in my head, and once that happens I can go back to mama's milk!! Which should be sometime this week I hope! Tomorrow they are gonna do the dye test on my intestines too to make sure I have no scar tissue and like I said before if I do I will need minor surgery to clear out the blockage :( So PRAY I pass this test!! I lost a little weight today too, but everyone says the weight I lost was just all the tubes attached to my face!! (From the Oxygen Line) SO I am down to 3 pounds 12 ounces, still good wight for this 6 week old preemie princess!! My care was already done when my mommy and daddy came in so mommy and daddy just loved on me :) As you can see above that was me waking up to my Daddy, right after that the nurses had to suck out my mouth because I was not happy with all that spit in my mouth!!! See below!
I was REALLY MAD!!! Mama learned from the nurse that she can suck out my mouth next time and that would probably make me feel a whole lot better than the nurses doing it!! I was also pretty upset because my temp was REALLY hot, 37.7C!! So the nurses kept me with no blanket on so I could cool off! Right after that mama reintroduced me to my Binky!!! See below!

I really liked it this time!! The last time I tried it, it did not work out too well, Daddy is helping me with it here :)

And here too, I opened my eyes just long enough to let him know I love my daddy!! That was pretty much it for my exciting day!! So welcome back visitors! I can't wait to see you all again!! Also Thank you all for voting last night and I think mama pretty much won with a land slide :) (Sorry daddy maybe next time!!) So when I can be held again Mama your the lucky girl to get me!! Well it is off to bed for me, thank you all again for all your love and  prayers and I love you!!

Oh and before I forget HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Cousin Jesten!!! He turned 1 and he is gonna be my future play buddy!! So happy birthday and I can't wait to meet you when I get out of here!! Below you can see him on his new present!!
Happy birthday! And I will talk to you all tomorrow!! Lets hope for good test results in the morning!!



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  2. Hello :)

    I was looking through preemie blogs, and came across a familiar face! This is Avery's mama, Olivia's old roommate! I am so glad I found you, so I can keep up with your little love!

    P.S. Not sure what happened, but I managed to delete the first comment :P

  3. Thank you :-) we're reading your blog too!

  4. You never know what life has in store for you or where you will find new friends but that is what makes life worth living! I am glad that you are feeling better and that big tube out of your mouth. Now only good things like binkies and best of all bottles with mommies milk in them !!! i Hope to see you this week so look for me with mommy and daddy. LOVE YOU LOTS! GRANDMA XOXOXO

  5. Landi, what is Avery's blog address? I would like to see what others are going through

  6. I'll have to get it off my work computer. But I'll post it here

  7. Actually. If you click on savannah you can view her profile and the blogs she follows :-)